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Wake Up In Birmingham is sure to have a short-term rental with all the features and amenities you are looking for and expect from a Birmingham vacation rental. By utilizing our property types and amenities to categorize search efforts, we want to alleviate unnecessary search and find missions so you can have greater success in locating the perfect spot.

You know what you want and Wake Up In Birmingham wants to make finding it easier and faster. Once you’ve begun narrowing down the list, remember to keep your selections organized by adding them to your favorites for future reference! No matter what features you are looking for, we can put you in the ideal rental!

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These Wake Up in Birmingham short-term apartment rentals are a comfortable way to spend your time in the Birmingham metro area.


Whether you are planning a family vacation, reunion, or maybe even a business trip, we can put you in the perfect condo at the perfect price.


Wake Up in Birmingham offers a wonderful selection of Birmingham AL vacation rental homes.


Perfect for a family vacation, or needing to relocate, our townhome vacation rentals come fully equipped with everything you need.